As is the very essence of this site, and to prove no music is considered bad, here is a find from today’s Woodley boot fair.

Yes, its 80’s Kylie and yes, its cheese and to some all that’s wrong with the direction music followed down to PWL (Pete Waterman Ltd, formerly of Stock, Aitken and Waterman) and the like. However, in 1989, I was 7 and frankly, 7 year old’s will and do listen to anything (hence my daughter’s love of One Direction).

kylie cover

kylie back cover

Kylie Minogue, Enjoy Yourself on PWL


Hand On Your Heart

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Never Too Late

Nothing To Lose

Telltale Signs


My Secret Heart

I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)

Tears On My Pillow

Heaven And Earth

Enjoy Yourself

1989 PWL Records

“PWL- Today’s Sound/Tomorrow’s Technology”

So, you may be asking why I spent the grand sum of 50p in the rain on such a bunch of cheese?

In 1989, I had my tonsils out at Maidstone Hospital. It was the second time the poor hospital had tried to remove the beggars, but, such was my utter horror (down to being told by my mate how scary it was to be put under and how they’d gone in with a very sharp knife), I had to go home the first time.

Enter my Dad. Who promised me that, should I go back as arranged and stay until the bitter end, he would buy me Kylie’s “awful” album.

I wanted to either be Kylie or one of Mel and Kim back then, so that was it, in I went, tonsils out and on my return, found not only Enjoy Yourself on my bed but a Bros and Proclaimers 12 inch on my bed waiting for me.

No doubt the pain of my Dad having to go to Woolies and buy them, and then, having to listen to it, was worse than any fear I had of my op.

Fave track for sentimental reasons? Tears On My Pillow on side b. I wasn’t old enough to watch the film it was from (The Delinquents, also starring Charlie Schlatter), but I duly learned the words of teen angst to sing it for the dinner ladies at school.

And yes, Him Indoors is utterly horrified.



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