It’s OK now music fans, I have put Kylie firmly back in the 80s.

I’m going to yet again go from the ridiculous to, in my view (a little biased as we’ll find out) the sublime.

I have a 7 inch single for you today, by a band who are bang up to date.

The Parade frontWP_20150504_005

The Parade- Connector on Too Pure




Belle of the Ball

Number 461 on clear vinyl

So, why am I biased then?

Well, one of the band’s joint lead singers was in my year at school back in Kent. I particularly remember her fondly for making the boring task of reading Wuthering Heights in Year 10 (only boring as we had the most dull and uninspiring teacher, ever) much more lively by breaking into a convincing Kate Bush every time he read the title.

The other lead is quite well known to people on the Medway scene of the late 90s for gigs with the band Petburger and later Kane Angel who played (in my case although they traveled far and wide) at The Oasthouse, a Goth/Indie alternative club with live music in the basement and very cheap lager. He also has the honor of having snogged my sister several times. I’m sure he is far more proud though of having been named an NME one to watch.

When I heard they’d gotten a band together, knowing the range of talent they both had to bring, I was excited and have eagerly listened out for new tunes.

They are doing well and are headlining Sunday at Camden Rocks festival this year, and you can see the  rest of the band with them (who I am less well acquainted with) at regular gigs across London and our hometown Kent.

You can also find them on Youtube too and they are well worth a listen if you like your music just a little bit dark and arty.


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