I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s new (to some band). So I decided to bring you one which was not so much new to me 15 years ago as such, bu whom I dismissed until hearing this very album. And if you’ve popped over from Facebook- hello!

GENESIS TRICK OF THE TAILGENESIS Genesis, A Trick Of The Tail on Charisma


Dancing on a Volcano



Mad Man Moon


Robbers, Assault and Battery


A Trick of the Tail

Los Endos

“Sleeve design~Hypnosis Colin Elgie”

“Recorded at Trident Studios, London, Oct/Nov 1975”

Released 1976

In 2000, I met Him Indoors. I already had a bit of diverse taste in music, and was pretty open to any genre or act.

One of the CDs (I know, CDs, pah) he had was this very album. Which I cursed owing to my knowledge of Genesis being limited to “I Can’t Dance” and dodgy Phil Collin’s solo efforts from the 80s.

Despite the CD being in the worst possible condition a CD can be in before it refuses point blank to play, he made me listen and I had to take it back. Although I did have to ask how a band could go from this and the likes of Nursery Crime to the crap they released and my Dad bought.

I love the artwork in the sleeve of this album, I love that they were proud enough of the lyrics to incorporate them into the Gatefold sleeve.

My favorite side is side 2 by far (I do feel Mad Man Moon perhaps goes too Prog rock show off to 80s pap on the end of side 1 and gave a warning of the horror that was to come). It also has my very favorite Genesis track in Ripples.

I utterly love it, I know compared to some of the prog era tunes its quite a slow one (in fact the track before, Robbery, Assault and Battery is so prog opera I’m almost shocked they never turned into a whole play)  but the lyrics are just beautiful and at the time when I was first introduced to it at 18, a year after leaving home, they resonated with me. Ripples never come back, and that’s how I felt about growing up and going out into the world on my own.

A great album by a band who were just musically very talented. Christ knows what happened in the 80s.



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