It is not my fault I bought this album. I blame my 8 year old wanting a hair cut and the hair dresser being opposite the local HMV. So there.

bjork bjork inner Bjork, Debut, on One Little Indian/Bapsi Ltd


Human Behaviour


Venus as a Boy

There’s More to Life Than This (Recorded live at the Milk Bar Toilets)

Like Someone in Love

Big Time Sensuality


One Day


Come to Me

Violently Happy

The Anchor Song

“Tracks 1-10 produced by Nellee Hooper”


In 1993 I was the weird kid. I was 11, and most 11 year olds did not listen to Bjork. She was that weird little elf woman, who popped up on Top of the Pops inbetween much more tween friendly fodder such as Take That and Bad Boys Inc.

My Dad used to bring home albums from a library in Maidstone. As a lorry driver, he was practically his own boss and would listen to the radio all day. This was one of those albums.

At 11, I had no idea who The Sugarcubes were, so my first hearing of Bjork was Violently Happy. At that time, she was everywhere, mainly down to her funny little accent and strange dress sense. I used to love her, she wore bindis on her head, and I duly went out and found some, long before they appeared in Bow Bangles (now Claire’s Accessories) and became the in thing.

If being the weird kid meant being able to stomp around in flares and cheesecloth tops singing Bjork, I am so happy I was that kid. Although, such is my mad and comprehensively widespread love of music I was just as likely to be stomping around in aforementioned clobber to Take That.

Violently Happy would crop up again when I was 16 at a Goth club called Subsonic in Gillingham (Subs to the regulars), as they’d play it in what was termed the Funky room. I was indeed violently happy to be that age, with friends, drinking Alcopops.

Mine copy is not an original, but was begging me to buy it after taking Mini for her hair cut last night. Its on grey vinyl but sounds amazing.

I am indeed, happy, if not violently so, to have it.

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