Yes, I hold my hands up and suggest this is slightly chosen as a tenuous election in the UK link. But its still a cracking 12 inch single from a group who were never shy of causing controversy over their sexual preference or their political leanings and concerns.

two tribes Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Two tribes inner Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Two Tribes 12 inch on ZZT


Two Tribes (annihilation)


War (hide yourself)

Two Tribes (surrender)

One February Friday

“Produced by Trevor Horn”

“12 ZTAS 3”


Its election day here in the UK and its a biggie. It seems to be a war on votes between the rich minority of the country versus the rest of us low paid plebs who can’t afford to buy our own house.

Two Tribes was, in 1984, a commentary all be it with a thumping synthpop bass, on a war between America and the Russians. People were in fear. The song itself samples a cold war advert used in the UK which is chilling (“If a family member should die whilst in the shelter, place them outside but tag them first”).

It was a very real possibility back then, and Holly Johnson’s lyric regards only one can score is dark, and questioning, accusatory even, and luckily, it never happened. Him Indoors was 15, and received a spoof conscription letter suggesting he was being called up (although he soon got the joke when it told him to grab any household items (or a sherman tank) lying round the house to bring with him too).

When you ask someone to name a Frankie tune, they will probably at first say Relax, and mention owning a “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirt anywhere between the 80s to the present day.

Relax whilst great for taking on the anti Homosexual attitudes of certain parties was not my favorite (I was bloody scared of it as a kid, no idea why, my parents had the picture disc and when they’d put it on I’d hide), and I find this so much more fitting for the uncertain times we lived in in the 80s where an ex-American actor and a nutty Russian could have meant the difference between us all going about our daily business or all being blown to smithereens.

Cut to 2015, and the two tribes I am tenuously linking to are of course, the Conservatives and the Labour party (yes there are others but those are the main big boys).

Whoever you vote for, and whatever your reasons, I hope you enjoy the link and remember, your vote counts so choose wisely.


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