In what I feel is possibly a fitting album for the way the country (except Tory voters) feel, I have a very old one for you today.

Its so old the album looks a little past its best, and is held together by sticky tape which is possibly older than me. But no matter, still a great album and I hope you’ll excuse the link with the election, especially my non UK readers 🙂

barry mcguire barry mcguire 2 Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction on RCA Victor


Eve of Destruction

She Belongs to Me

You Never Had It So Good

Sloop John B

Its All Over Now, Baby Blue

The Sins of the Family


Try To Remember

My Man In The Street-Act One

You Were On My Mind

Ain’t No Way I’m Gonna Change My Mind

What Exactly’s The Matter With Me

Why Not Stop and Dig It Will You Can


“The voice belongs to Barry McGuire, a young man of Irish extraction with the build of a lumberjack, a mass of unruly blond hair and a face which shoots in fifty directions when he smiles.”

Actually, regardless of the somewhat good tie in between the despondency a lot of us UK electorate may be feeling, the title track isn’t my fave one after all.

My preferred option to listen to is actually penned by Dylan, and is track two on side a, She Belongs to Me.

I like Dylan, but bless him, he’s not always the best at delivering his own work (you only have to hold up Hendrix for proof). Although McGuire has a similar lazy delivery in his singing, its slightly more melodic.

Good on Dylan for handing over his tracks happily though, and I have to admit to growing to appreciate the nasally style he gives. To be fair, Dylan the songwriter alone is far more memorable than a lot of artists, and with the back catalogue he has produced (sung by him or someone else), he can be forgiven for not having the voice of an angel. I actually love that he isn’t the greatest singer- makes singing Times They Are A’Changing or Blowing In The Wind round a campfire a much easier affair.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you’d like to see an album featured, let me know.

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