I lucked out at this weekends bootfair so nothing to bring you from that today (unless you Vinyl Heads want to see the pasta maker I bought instead?), so thought I’d bring you a long standing favorite instead.

Ian Dury New Boots and Pantiesian dury inner Ian Dury, New Boots  and Panties on Stiff Records


Wake Up and Make Love with Me

Sweet Gene Vincent

I’m Partial to Your Abracadabra

My Old Man

Billericay Dickie


Clever Trever

If I Was With A Woman


Plaistow Patricia

Blackmail Man

“There’s Nothing Wrong With It!!!”

“Recorded and Produced on the Old Kent Road”


The first interesting thing about this album is our copy is not a first pressing. However, you’ll see from the tracklisting that my particular second favorite track, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, which is track one, side b, isn’t listed.

For reasons known only to Stiff or Ian, they forgot to put it on the tracklisting, but it’s there, thankfully.

The second thing about this album is a personal one from me. In the 80s, my parent’s had a walkman. It had orange headphones and smoked glass.

They also used to find it fun to plonk these headphones on me, rendering the toddler me deaf to the outside world. They’d then watch, finding it hilarious, as little me stumbled over the words of the hits of the day, Ian Dury being a particular favorite.

I kind of have to see this “toddler me as form of pre multi-channel TV entertainment” in two ways. I am first thankful that You’ve Been Framed did not exist and we did not have a video camera as they were stupidly expensive, and camera phones were never heard of.

I am secondly happy that at least they did it with decent music and not crap, ensuring my wide variety in taste in music forever more.

I was upset when Ian died, but even to the end he continued to be the sarcastic professional, performing just days before he died.

He never let his childhood polio stop him from being an early pioneer.

Favorite track? Wake Up And Make Love With Me. I love the naughtiness. its still a love song, an ode to a sexy lady, all be it a call to bedroom fumblings. What girl wouldn’t be pleased? Its pure Dury tongue in cheek cheekiness.

What a legend!

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