I’m going to bring it forward from 1978 to 2007 today, with a slice of pure, and much missed, talent.

I bring you the voice that was Amy.

amy winehouse amy inner Amy Winehouse, Back to Black on Universal/Island Records



You Know I’m No Good

Me & Mr Jones

Just Friends

Back to Black

Love is a Losing Game


Tears Dry On Their Own

Wake Up Alone

Some Unholy War

He Can Only Hold Her


“Produced by Mark Ronson”


What can you say about Amy that hasn’t already been said?

I was a genuine fan of Amy’s way before she hit the mainstream, way back with the Frank album, when she was little more than What Were You Thinking gossip mag fodder on the basis of her individuality. Way before the beehive and the tabloid storm.

I’m never one to become interested in an act on the strength of column inches alone, and Amy was undeniably talented. She was like a star from another era. Frankly, she is a lesson and a loss to British talent stables.

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate talent like Adele, but there is something captivating about the delivery of the songs across both albums she released. I’m not ashamed to say I cried my eyes when her death was announced. I so wanted for her to get better (if that’s the right way of putting it?).

I’m not planning on seeing the film about to be released, as to me, its not needed, it’s sensationalism born out of a tragic death, and supported not by her real family and friends but the very messed up ex who played a large part in destroying her. It’s disrespectful to not just her family but to Amy too.

We all know what happened, we saw it across the tabloids, and the TV screens. Let her rest in peace with songs such as my favorite from this album, You Know I’m No Good as her lasting testament to how amazing she was.

RIP Amy.


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