I have another late legend for you today, vinyl heads, in the form of Aussie pop rock group INXS. Michael Hutchence has one of those voices that begs to be listened to.

Kick INXSINXS Inner INXS, Kick, on Mercury Records


Guns in the Sky

New Sensation

Devil Inside

Need You Tonight


The Loved One


Wild Life

Never Tear Us Apart



Calling All Nations

Tiny Daggers

Gatefold Sleeve


I first heard about INXS when Michael went out with Kylie, who, at that stage, I was still very much a fan of (hey, forgive me, I was at primary school). I remember seeing them on TV and in the paper as Kylie wore a short haired wig and everyone started referring to her as a bad girl now she was with him and not Jason Donovan.

Frankly,now I’m older, I can see why she ditched Jason for Michael (sorry Jason). He was just one of those guys who winks and could have any girl he wanted, he was just sexy.

My Mum definitely used to like him, and I remember songs from this album being on shows like Top of the Pops and The Chart Show, as well as all over the radio.

Now, they do sound dated (and the clobber worn by the rest of the band definitely adds to the dating it to the late 80’s vibe), but still I think my favorite song is one of the classier ballads of that time period, or beyond.

Never Tear Us Apart, its just beautiful. Its probably been played at more weddings and caused the birth of more babies than intended. But its sweeping violins and sax solo is such a departure from anything else the band ever released.

I do love the more poppy songs on here, they’re very sing along radio friendly (and no surprise that Need You Tonight was rehashed by Professor Green as the band still resonates with a lot of people), but Never Tear Us Apart is just a cut above and I could listen to it again and again. Even Michael brings down the leering vocals to be gentle.

Perhaps they would have faded into obscurity, had Michael not died tragically, and in the glare of the media down to his relationship with Paula Yates and subsequent battles with Bob Geldof. I’d rather think people like them as a talent in a time when music had become overly commercial and wishy washy.

Still can’t name any of the other members though!

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