I’m going to ruffle a few muso feathers today with a record which is not possibly the best example of the Britpop indie genre but certainly holds happy memories for me. I shall give virtual points for anyone else who remembers these lost and forgotten from history guys….

menswear nuisance album menswear inner Menswe@r, Nuisance, on Laurel Records


125 West Third Street

I’ll Manage Somehow

Sleeping In

Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes

Daydreamer (Don’t Drink and Swim)

Hollywood Girl


Being Brave

Around You Again

The One

Stardust (It’s Only Rock n’Roll..But I Like It)

Piece of Me

“Published by Island Music”


After bringing The Beat to your attention who were at the top of their game for Rude Boy sounds, Menswe@r, from the much celebrated and fondly remembered Britpop era of the mid nineties are a band very much on the bottom rung.

I read a history of Britpop and they did get one, very brief, and not very flattering mention. In a chapter charting where it all went wrong, they were held up as one of the bands which sprung up and took advantage of the thirst for Britpop whereby labels would sign practically anyone who could wear a skinny tee and hold a guitar.

I agree they are no Blur, Oasis or even Sleeper, all of whom I genuinely loved back then.

So, why then have I got this vinyl?

I used to be quite the indie kid and back in Kent, despite by 1998/99 Britpop being all but kaput, we used to still fancy ourselves as quite the indie pioneers. We were keeping it alive via the medium of a guitar, badly played and seldom tuned in, vast quantities of cheap lager and fags, and us girls would adorn glitter at a moments notice.

I used to find a lot of what went on, with no sense of irony from the group I found myself in, utterly hilarious. They all took themselves so seriously at such a young age, that some had even gone as far as to predict when (not if) they’d end up in Rehab- seen as the bench mark for cool.

I preferred to take the piss, along with some of my less serious friends, all of whom I am still friends with to this day. Unlike the ironic bunch who I have little idea what happened to and had adopted down to my fiancee at the time.

As soon as a break in badly played guitar occurred, I’d often launch into a version of the song on the album which was my favorite- Daydreamer.

Its not Pulp, even though it is desperately trying to be, and my god it used to wind up the serious bunch of humorless drones I was foisted with. It would create widespread snickers from my bunch of friends, and, along with other gems like JJ72’s Snow, it made no sense but it didn’t matter. I could, and did, put passion into my piss take performance and I bet they were happy when the fiancee and I broke up!

Being 17 and 18 is meant to be fun, it’s the last chance at being a teen and having an excuse for it before uni or work beckons. I’m glad I used to sing heartily, even if the songs were not the best.


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