It’s a miserable old Monday here in Reading, so I thought I’d pick an 80s classic in 12 inch single form for you today, to cheer up your weary bones and hopefully make you tap your feet a little.

Stevie V Dirty CashStevie V Dirty Cash inner Adventures of Stevie V, Dirty Cash on Phonogram Ltd


Dirty Cash (Money Talks) Dime & Dollar Mix


Dirty Cash (Money Talks) Hard Cash Mix

Dirty Cash Dirty Rap

“Produced and mixed by Stevie V”


This record reminds me instantly of school disco’s at my old Primary school in Kent, Napier CP (now called Foundation or some such new title but still at its base an old victorian building with the required and necessary shit your pants scary ghost story associated with it).

Its extremely eighties bless it, but one of the few the Dad who ran the disco could actually play safe in the knowledge we youngsters would not go home spouting obscenities and our parent’s wouldn’t have a fit about the danger of Acid House and raves damaging their offspring. This used to be played along with Yazz’s The Only Way Is Up,and then swiftly back to safer territory by Bros and Sonia.

Its a great ode to eighties excess, and the fact that back then money was everything and easy to come by, without fear of the debt collector at the door.

Which is why it was no surprise that at the beginning of the downturn in 2009, it was heavily and heartily sampled by one Dizzee Rascal, who added cautionary lyrics regards using credit to get all sorts of luxuries one couldn’t afford.

I love when a sample from my youth is used, and quite often I will pop over to Twitter and ask, in the manner of old pub quizzes, who did the aforementioned original.

That’s exactly what I did the first morning I heard the Dizzee interpretation of this, offering ten imaginary points to who could successfully name that sample.

I had only been on Twitter a mere 8 months at this point, so it was a far quieter affair than it is today.

So, it was quite amusing then that after asking who did it, Mr Stevie V, no doubt in an adventure on Twitter, replied, quite honestly “ME!”.

I replied something along the lines of Eek! Fair enough, you win!

Something similar occurred after posting Menswe@r, even though I was perhaps less than polite about them, they still retweeted the link to their fans. I was unaware they even still existed to be fair, but it was quite nice that they took it remarkably well.

Whether you like the original or the Dizzee Rascal version, its still a feel good tune and very impressive that Stevie mixed and produced it himself- this was, after all, not the time of computers and easy to use programmes. Efforts were made to produce the dance tunes of the day and were an art-form of mixing and the like.

All hail to eighties, school disco friendly dance saving us from Sonia! Even if it was for a mere 5 minutes.


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