You may notice from the pics today that I am coming to you from my shed. Its the shed of happy as it houses my very easy to use compared to Him Indoor’s decks.

Its a hot day so I’m going all garage on you today. Shed. Garage. Spot the tenuous link Vinyl heads πŸ™‚

do you really like it

dj pied piperΒ DJ Pied Piper & The Masters Of Ceremonies, Do You Really Like It on Soulfood Records


Do You Really Like It


Blank sided



I unashamedly love UK Garage as much as I love cheesy 80s tunes.

When it first blew up in around 97/98, I loved nothing more on a Saturday than listening to The Dream Team on Radio One play the latest releases.

Just like Britpop, it seemed if you owned a turntable and could toast (as thats really what we’re dealing with here, toasting brought up to date and renamed MC’ing) you could happily release a record (or pesky CD and tape) at that time and do well with it.

I was unusual in this love at the time down to the aforementioned hip indie kids I hung round with in this era, as they hated garage and considered it chavvy to like it. I am of the opinion that you should never feel it necessary to tie yourself to one genre, if you like it, then thats fine and no one should make you feel shitty for liking something differing to their tastes.

By 2001, I had met Him Indoors and Garage was winding down into Grime. You had some clinging on for dear life but mostly by then the glory days had ended.

Then this dropped.

In the middle of a hot summer, this record went mental, its easy to sing along to the catchy earworm that is the chorus, and it was played in every bar you went to all summer long.

Even now I can hear this and be back in the dodgy soft top blue Escort we had back then, popping in to see friends in Berkshire when we still lived in Kent.

I chose this today as on Saturday, after the daughter finished her part of the May Fayre at school, I came home to tunes on and barbecue food aplenty.

Him Indoors allowed me to choose what we listened to so I picked a Garage Anthems medley on Youtube as its far easier than trying to change 12 inch singles whilst trying not to burn the sausages.

When this came on, some 13 years later from it being played in the car, I launched into the rap and Him Indoors face, and my daughter’s face, were utterly shocked.

“Mummy, you can rap, thats so funny” was her reaction.

I was surprised Him Indoors had never heard me do it before to be fair, as we have been together for 15 years. Apparently this was a first.

So, now it reminds me of pre responsible adult 2001 days, and this weekend when I shocked the kids and the other half.

Whats your summer must have tune?


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