They do say that the traditional gifts to give when visiting a home as a guest are usually flowers and chocolates, or a bottle wine.

In my house, and with my guests, I say, screw that, I’d rather you went through your vinyl and brought me a classic LP. Or I do now since a precedent was set by a friend who started out as just of Him Indoors but has now become mine too.

Red Hot Chili Peppersred hot chili peppers inner Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, on Warner Brothers, Double LP


The Power to Equality

If You Have to Ask

Breaking the Girl

Funky Monks

Suck My Kiss


I Could Have Lied

Mellowship Slinky in B Major

The Righteous and the Wicked

Give It Away


Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Under the Bridge

Naked in the Rain

Apache Rose Peacock


The Greeting Song

My Lovely Man

Sir Psycho Sexy

They’re Red Hot

“Produced by Rick Rubin”


What is not to love about The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

They’ve always been the band who can release songs which are heartfelt and deeply personal, alongside fun songs which you can’t help but sing along to.

None more so than on this, which I, along with most fans of the band, feel is their best work. That’s not to say the res aren’t without merit, far from it, but this was the peak where they were giving more than just the thrashing guitars and snarling lyrics of contemporaries like Nirvana.

This is an album that, until yesterday, would have been in my Wish List Wednesday. I have had it on CD a few times but its not the same as having it on vinyl. Well, not if you’re a Vinyl addict like me anyway!

I had tried to buy the original non reissue of it, but it was daft amounts of money. It can be bought from HMV reissued but even that is £35. To my mind and collecting tastes, I don’t want to pay that much for brand spanking new vinyl (unless its original pressing, unopened vinyl but then you’d be very lucky to pay such a small sum).

My fave track? Give It Away. Such an uplifting fun tune which never gets boring and is always a reminder of my Goth Club days.

So, how did I manage to come by it?

Him Indoors met a guy my kids call Uncle Perry about 25 years ago. Purely by chance and drunken accident.

He happened to be trying to go to a friends flat, in a block where there was an identical block next door.

Up he went and knocked on the door of what he thought was his mate’s flat, and duly strolled in. It was only later that he realised it wasn’t the right flat at all, and he had no idea who the people were he had been chatting to for the duration of the early hours.

From that error, a great friendship formed which continues now and includes me. Perry was my daughter’s disco DJ on her birthday and is a great guy, along with his lovely wife.

Only Perry would bring me vinyl as a visiting gift, and I am so thankful! I would never have gotten an original pressing as everyone and their dog knows how to look up vinyl and how expensive it is, so even on a boot fair I’d have been monumentally lucky to find it.

I feel now I shall have a sign put up outside my house- instead of “Beware of the Kids” or a humble Welcome mat, I shall have a sign saying “Bring Your Vinyl as gifts”.

Whats the best bit of vinyl you’ve been given?

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