It’s time to dust off a seven inch today Vinyl Heads as its Seven Inch Saturday. Bless the humble seven inch, it may not have the amount of music its bigger brother the LP has. It may not even have any artwork. However, its the route to which many would buy an LP back in the day so I feel its time to bring one to you each Saturday.

First up is a track from 1975, brought back into the consciousness by Brit Flick Royalty in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Petย ย 2petewingfieldย Pete Wingfield, Eighteen With a Bullet on Island Records


Eighteen With a Bullet


Shadow Of a Doubt

“Copyright Island Records Ltd/Uncle Doris Music Ltd”


Firstly- you got to love the Island label, right? It was the second variation, the original being a white “i” on pink label. Far prefer this one as it makes me think of reggae and warm sand.

Onto the tune though.

Clearly, being born in 1982 I came by this one after it was released in 1975 (curse my birth year!), but its one I love for its backing music more than the lyric.

It was the lyric though that made it perfect for the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack in 1998.

I’m not a fan of the film. I find it quite hilarious to be frank. Its trying very hard to be a cool Brit version of American gangster films. But hats off to my US Vinyl Heads, you do a damn good Gangster flick. Far better than we do (except Get Carter).

It wasn’t the acting. Not from Dexter Fletcher or Jason Statham. Not even from Vinnie Jones.

It was Sting.

I don’t mind Sting as an artist. You have to have respect for a band who made a record all about how he wanted to stalk his ex of the time in a really malicious and scary (and no doubt arrest-able these days) way. That is now mostly known and has probably bought him a few houses and yachts as a loved up, first dance at your wedding tune. Kudos Sting.

But in Lock Stock? I just saw him as not a suave, angry Dad of a dodgy dealer but as Sting the Tantric Shagging hippie. I couldn’t equate him with wearing a suit and running a bar. If it had of been a shisha bar and he’d of been wearing Yoga Pants whilst singing Fields of Gold and sitting on a rug in the Lotus position, maybe.

Sorry Sting!

I love this classic though and am thankful for it being brought to my attention by a slightly dodgy Boy flick.

Pete Wingfield was just the classic 70s dude, gigging with bands here and there, releasing his own stuff, and writing for the Music Bibles of the day such as the now defunct Melody Maker.

The bullet he refers to though in the song is not of the Gangster type. Its actually about chart hits of the day- a song selling well week after week and climbing quickly up the charts.

A great track ๐Ÿ™‚


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