I have a new Wishlist Wednesday for you, I’ve taken time out from a shaky (read: crap) net connection and half term.

This is something I have both on tape, and on CD, but I would love it on Vinyl. I’m greedy like that!

Pete Tong, Essential Collection, Summer 1998


Magnum Force



Over Here

My Desire

Bootie Call

Freak Me

Looking for Love

Rock With You

Horny ’98

New Kind of Medicine

Music Is the Answer

You Don’t Know

Needin’ U

I’ll House You ’98

I Can’t Help Myself


The Word

Is Anybody Out There


Funk Bomb

The Day Will Come

El Nino

For an Angel ’98


The Freaks Come Out

The Ultimate

I Don’t Need Your Love


Michel Lombert

I first heard this album on tape in Him Indoors’ car, a bright orange, rusty Ford Ghia. This album was about the best thing about his set of wheels back then.

The album was one which came out a few years before we met- in the summer I left school after my GCSE exams and it was played widely around that time by my cooler classmates who were devotees of all things Tong or Kiss FM.

I loved this album back when we met as we had very few available that Him Indoors would agree to play in his presence as most of tapes from school had the odd boy band or indie pop on them.

Later on, another car had this in the glove box and was stolen, and to be fair I was more miffed about the tape set than the car (which wasn’t ours, bit mean but it was another rust bucket and I will never forget hearing how the owner of the car, a friend of ours who died not that long after, came out in swimming trunks barefoot to chase the thieves down the road.

We then got it on CD, but so far, vinyl has eluded us.

It reminds me of happy times in Kent, being young, in a new relationship and free to have fun. It also reminds me of the end of my GCSE exams which was the end of a school era I hated and although I had to wait for my results, I was chuffed to walk out the door on the last day.

You can’t currently get this on vinyl- a travesty I feel as most of what’s on it was still on 12 inch.

Great summer listening


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