Its that time of the week where I shine a spotlight on the smaller, less hefty vinyl in my collection, it’s seven inch Saturday.

This week, the sun is shining so I feel this is the perfect tune to go with hot, heady barbecues and copious amounts (child permitting) of Cider. But more likely to end up being burnt bangers and coca cola.

stevie wonder front  stevie wonder backStevie Wonder, Master Blaster on Motown Records/Jobete Music (UK)/Black Bull


Master Blaster (Jammin’)


Master Blaster (Dub)


I must admit that I had no idea of this song until it was covered by DJ Luck and MC Neat. I know, terrible behaviour.

The first I knew it was a Stevie Wonder classic was when him indoors told me and subsequently played me the far superior original (in my defense it did get released two years before I was born and Stevie Wonder wasn’t widely played in my house growing up, in fact, I only knew of his uber 80s cheese Happy Birthday as it was played at most kids parties I went to in my childhood).

Since buying my own collection and being on a constant discovery quest for tunes, I now, utterly love Stevie, I’ll even put up with the cheese, so long as you play Master Blaster or Superstition.

The guy is a legend. He has literally been around since modern music kicked off, starting out as “Little Stevie” and changing at every era, staying fresh.

He is just multi talented and definitely one of the greatest artist the Motown label ever released.

Showing that no matter what you have thrown at you, talent shines through.

This is just a must on summer days, its just got a great pulsing guitar edge, the singing is brilliant and the whole thing was ushering in a grittier sound for the Motown in the early 80s. Which, yes, sadly got ruined a little by Diana Ross (Chain Reaction), and Stevie himself who got a bit soppy with I Just Called to Say I Love You.

Regardless, they are hardly the only acts who perhaps hide a little when anyone mentions 80s back catalogues.


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