Its Wishlist Wednesday time again, and this week it is a particular annoyance to most Vinyl Heads (or I would assume it is cos it narks me right off).

This week it’s Soulwax, and their 2 Many Djs series, which I have the above vinyl of.

The annoying thing is this is Part 2, of a massive set of double albums. Soulwax produce some truly amazing reworkings of popular songs, dance or otherwise.

There is a whole set of mash ups as recorded as part of Radio Soulwax which come under the 2 Many DJs label as the above. 15 at last count.

So, what’s the problem then? Is it too expensive a set- no, in fact, my Part 2 on double vinyl was bought quite easily from eBay for ¬£20. So, no, they are cheap little slices of music to get hold of.

They are hard to come by for the simple reason that, for reasons only known to Soulwax, Part 2 is the only one of the 15 to be released on Vinyl.

How bloody irritating is that?

The first one you’d think would be a given on vinyl purely because the second one is. But it’s not. Its on MP3, it’s on CD, it’s on sodding Youtube.

Vinyl? No.

I’m sure I can’t be the only Vinyl addict who has faced the conundrum of wanting a set of a certain release, only to find it’s on CD bar one of the series. Do you buy the vinyl then buy the CD? Do you buy them all on CD and never be happy that you missed out on a vinyl to add to the Expedit?

I don’t know what way to go on this as I always end up playing them on Youtube and thinking I’d love them all but then stalling down to the lack of vinyl release for the remaining 14.

At least with the Back to Mine series which I also covert, that is all on vinyl (but is sodding expensive).

Why would you bring one out on vinyl? Its so flipping annoying!

I’m off to lie down in a darkened room.



As you know, we’re off to Camp Bestival again this year, so I want to bring you a few acts I’m listing as must watch, and those which were highlights last year.

One such highlight was Courtney Pine

courtney pine front inner courtney pine Courtney Pine, Journey to the Urge Within on Island Records



I Believe



As We Would Say


Children of the Ghetto

When, Where, How and Why



Sunday Song

“This album is dedicated to my son Jamaal”


I have a confession. I had never knowingly heard Courtney Pine until he stormed the stage at Camp Bestival last year. Shocking I know!

The guy, wow, he rocked it. It was an afternoon set on the main stage, when there were lots of kids in the audience who, like me, had probably not heard of Courtney either. So it was possibly quite the tough crowd.

Being a consummate professional of many years, Mr Pine, he didn’t let that bother him, and I bet there are a fair few people like me who came away desperate to locate some albums to continue the start of a musical education.

At a family centred festival, it can be hard I’d imagine to be a stand out performance when you can’t rely on a crowd of people being drunk and happy in a crowd whatever you play.

However, being that he was backed up by an amazingly gifted band, it was certainly on my top 3 list of best ever performances I have witnessed.

Not only that but we all broke a record whilst being in the crowd. Really. Not many can say that after a non headline act in a field in Dorset.

I did have a video of it but owing to my children being evil it appears to have been deleted. The sods.

Courtney encouraged us to jump, as one, 100 times. It was so good, and so many joined in, we did it twice. Yes, I was knackered afterwards, but no matter what age, if someone on a stage, whether you’re a fan of their music or not, tells you, at a festival, on a hot day, to jump like a tit, you jump.

It made everyone happy. Simple as that.

The music of course helped, and I came away from that set very smiley, I danced liked a loon and jumped with lots of other folk.

What more can you ask for?

This album, from 1986, is quite the jazz skat fusion, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout, so I feel it would be rude to pick a stand out track in such an impressive LP.

If you get to see him, do. You’ll be gutted you missed out otherwise.