Today, We Lost An Icon.

It was my typical rushed Monday morning, when I sat down to glug back a cuppa, and have a quick look at my phone for my social media fix (some people light the first fag of the day, I write my first tweet).

On my timeline, a newsflash.

At first, hope that this was yet again another ridiculous hoax, like so many before it.

Alas, no.

Today, the world got a little less cool.

David Bowie, icon, legend, purveyor of styles, sounds and songs which launched a thousand other acts, a million other stories and memories, has died.


The fact that this style and musical God left us in the classiest way possible- two days after the release of another cool album, with not a word of the 18 months of illness he suffered through- says it all.

His music, his art, will no doubt live on through generations to come.

From kids like my youngest, who today experienced the first major loss of a hero, to old fans like me who first saw him as Bowie, the actor in the Labyrinth, and beyond to glam rockers old and not so old, Bowie will be remembered as one of the last great and true icons.

Who could be named from our generation of musicians as inspirational and highly regarded as him across decades? I can’t think of any.

He was a cut above, a genius.

Whatever your go to Bowie era, play it loud, play it proud.




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