Wishlist Wednesday: The Offspring, Americana

Hello there and sorry for being MIA. Life gets rather in the way sometimes (that and Twitter users threatening you with bodily injury for having an opposing view) but I’m back and hoping I get round to restarting the Vinyl project.

Today is Wednesday and that means its time to give you a view into my Wishlist of albums- sublime and ridiculous- which I would love to add to my overstuffed shelves but haven’t for whatever reason.


The album currently annoying me by not being in my collection (well, I have it on CD, but that doesn’t count as its rather scratched from over use) is Americana by The Offspring.

Now, some may think that The Offspring were the worst side of the 90s grunge era, the dying strains of it and partly responsible for the rubbish which came after the likes of Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam had either lost too many members or gone awol.

However, they came out just as I was at 6th form, when I partly didn’t know any better just yet of non pop punk crap and so found them rather good, and when I was just starting to explore the fake lip piercing and daft Woolies kids department Barbie vests. I could just as easily listen to The Offspring as All Saints- and did, frequently- as they were less scary than the likes of Korn and Nine Inch Nails.

I bought the album purely on the basis of Pretty Fly for a White Guy, arguably their most well known hit in the UK. Pretty Fly spoke to me not just in a “this is a funny, summer  tune which kind of allows me to nod along with my goth friends” and partly as I could look around my local town center and see chav approximations of the guy the song is about.

However, the album does take some dark musical turns, none more so than The Kids Aren’t Alright.

That song really resonated and was constantly on my playlists, purely down to my being able to relate to it. It was at the time when a friend from school who was seen as a bright star of the future in the art world had sadly committed suicide, and the area I was born in was more and more being held up as the poster town of Broken Britain. A once thriving, vibrant area turned into a pit of teen pregnancy, high unemployment, and youth who had widely given up.

That’s why my poor CD copy has seen much action in very badly put together car stereos and scratched via being chucked across a common room by others.

Its not in my collection as, yet again, its the curse of the nineties when CD and tape were so much more available.

If I want to get the album, not only do I have to either face import tax from the states, or wait for it to possibly turn up as a proper copy from Japan, paying £200 for the privilege. Ouch.

So, The Offspring go into the Wishlist pile, for now.




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