Wishlist Wednesday: The Avalanches, Since I Left You

Its another Wishlist Wednesday today and my pick for today is by The Avalanches.


Released in late 2000, I was at a major cross roads in my life when tracks from it were everywhere in the UK.

Of course, like most major changes to your life you never see them coming, and so just as a guy I did not know was introduced to me by my sisters boyfriend, I was unaware of the massive impact he would have on my life, for the next 16 years (and hopefully beyond that).

In 2000, I was engaged, unhappily, to someone who was an utter twat. I felt like I was walking down the aisle to certain doom and misery but was too young, polite or just plain stupid to say anything or, frankly, run the hell away.

The day I met my other half was like any other, it started out with my being shouted at and abused for not having done some minor household chore- I think it was his interview shirt wasn’t ironed or dry, something like that- and I was contemplating going back to bed when my door buzzed.

To cut a long story short, the engagement, the upset and the impending sense of doom all ended that day, the wedding was off and one of a few people who were such a massive negative on my life was gone for good.

A short time after, I bought this album on CD, for the track Since I left You.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Frontier Psychiatrist and Avalanche Rock for their cool and funky silliness. I have Frontier Psychiatrist on 12 inch sitting right opposite me as I type ( Elder has been pillaging my collection for his show on Radioactive).

Yet Since I Left You, with it’s calm, summer sound and its quite fitting lyric most reminds me of how my life changed, it was like someone opened the curtains and let the sun in, and this song is dreamy in the same way.

I, of course have it on the very same CD I bought all those years ago, but as I build up a collection, some sublime, some ridiculous, based mostly on the memories the songs bring to the fore, I feel this is possibly one of the most important albums not yet found.

Being that awkward era though, Discogs currently have no copies on vinyl, nor does Amazon. The last one I saw was around the £300 mark, and I’m yet to justify to myself (or my credit card provider) that £300 is OK to spend on one vinyl.

Its back to hoping I find one at a Boot sale!




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