Musical Finds: Vintage Melody Makers

Wow folks, it’s been a while since I posted.

That’s not down to me having had no finds or running out of choices for you. Its because life took over a bit and my love for blogging in general did sort of hit rock bottom. I’ve also been working on a new radio based project but here I am, back, and with a special type of find.

I am a massive fan of online free site Freecycle, and have been for ten years. We’ve had some amazing things gifted to us over the year, most recently amongst them some vintage Tannoy Speakers (possibly the best speakers a hifi head could find. They are things of beauty).

I saw an advert Saturday, for a collection of Melody Maker newspapers from 1979-80. It said on the advert that the offer-er didn’t think anyone would want them, due to their age and that they’d gone a bit yellow, so if there was no interest he’d chuck them in the local dump.


Now, I wasn’t born in 1979 or 1980, but I know full well that there was a wealth of musical greatness back then. It was, in the words of The Specials, a dawning of a new era, with all sorts of styles fighting for space in the charts.

We were lucky enough to be given the box of these, and my goodness I am so glad they did not end up in the bottom of a dump filled with old freezers and chip pans.

WP_20151101_039 WP_20151101_017 WP_20151101_010

There are about 30 of these, with greats from every style of music you can think of. In fact, every major music icon is accounted for.

They are old, some are more tired than others. But history like this is worth saving. Yes, I may be a gigantic geek for thinking it would be awful for these to hit the tip.

I am going to frame some of them, as many as I have wall space for. The adverts on the back and inside are beyond cool, adverts for new albums from Genesis amongst others.

You even have a retrospective on three years from Elvis’ untimely death.

I had a quick look on eBay and some go for over a tenner each, so there is a market for them. Mine are going nowhere near eBay though.

Love,love, love them.

God, I do like a freebie and this has to be my fave obscure one!